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We provide young people and teachers the tools, resources, and events to share our cultures.


2020 THEME

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Events at The Rooms,
St. John's March 18-22, 2019

20th-Year Legacy Hooked Rug

The hooked rug is a map of the world showing the 90 countries of students who were part of the Sharing Our Cultures’ program from 1999 to 2019. The project began at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) in July 2018 with the idea of mapping the world on a hooked rug. Starting with MUN, Centre scolaire et communautaire des Grands-Vents, and Holy Heart High of Mary School, it blossomed from there. Many friendships were developed among high school and university students from around the world. While the rug is finished, the friendships have endured. Words cannot express the value of these memories created and times shared together. Those who came together to hook a rug ended up gaining so much more. Priceless.

Le tapis crocheté montre les 90 pays d’origine des élèves qui ontparticipé au programme « À la découverte de nos cultures » depuis 1999. Le projet a vu le jour à l’Université Memorial de Terre-Neuve en juillet 2018, quand on a eu l’idée de créer une carte du monde sur un tapis au crochet. À partir du travail initial accompli à l’Université Memorial, au Centre scolaire et communautaire des Grands-Vents et à l’École secondaire Holy Heart of Mary, le projet a pris de l’essor. De nombreuses amitiés se sont développées entre les participants et participantes — des élèves du secondaire et des étudiants et étudiantes universitaires du monde entier. Même si la fabrication du tapis est terminée, les amitiés continuent à se développer. Les mots ne peuvent exprimer la valeur des souvenirs de cette collaboration. Les individus qui se sont réunis pour crocheter un tapis ont fini par gagner beaucoup plus. L’expérience est d’une valeur inestimable.


The red dots indicate 90 countries represented by youth who participated in the program from 1999 to 2019.

Les points rouges indiquent 90 pays représentés par des jeunes ayant participé au programme de 1999 à 2019.

24. Safwa Mahmood 
25. Suzanne McBride 
26. Feyrouza Mokonen 
27. Hadil Nahhat
28. Jamila Nahhat
29. Folabomi Ogunyemi
30. Lloydetta Quaicoe
31. Alaa Ramadan
32. Majundo Richard
33. Mariam Richard
34. Atenea Rodríguez
35. Jason Sellars
36. Yumna Sakkar
37. Marnie Sinnott
38. Bandhana Tamang
39. Aaron Wai Kit Tan
40. Pauline Villaumé
41. Agnes Nok Sum Wong 42. Yan Hoi Jacqueline Wong 43. Georginne Worley
44. Meriam Yahia
45. Simon Zhe Min Yap
46. Sinting Yu

1. Abdulazeez Alaameri 2. Fatme Alaameri
3. Wuraola Alabi
4. Brayan Alahmad
5. Mansour Alktifan
6. Danya Almajeed
7. Asmahan Alsalloum
8. Kati Bryson
9. Wei Xin Chin
10. Mary Dinn
11. Mohamad Dairi Fallaha 12. Xiaoxi Feng
13. Natnael Gebre
14. Michael Gebrward
15. Stephnie Hamilton
16. Suhail (Suha) Hassan 17. Bushra Hiddo
18. Sidra Hiddo
19. Ungwa Kiza
20. Lori Lane
21. Margaret Lawson
22. Yi Zhen Lee
23. Si Lui Lim

Where We Belong

2019 Event

Photo credit : Alick Tsui

March 20, 2019 Central Region:
Exploits Valley High, Grand Falls-Windsor

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March 21, 2019 Western Region:
Corner Brook Regional High School, Corner Brook

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March 19, 2019 Labrador Region: Mealy Mountain Collegiate, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

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2018 Event 

In celebration of the 20th-year anniversary of Sharing Our Cultures (2019), the Provincial Government affirms the importance of diversity and intercultural understanding in Newfoundland and Labrador. Financial assistance was provided by the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour. This video was produced by the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at Memorial University.

À l’occasion du 20e anniversaire du projet « À la découverte de nos cultures » (2019), le gouvernement provincial affirme l’importance de la diversité et de la compréhension interculturelle à Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador. Le ministère de l’Enseignement postsecondaire, des Compétences et du Travail a fourni une aide financière. Le Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning de l’Université Memorial a produit la vidé


WaTch the 2018 Webcast

Join us as we celebrate our 20th-year anniversary. Were you a presenter, tour guide, visiting student, performer, volunteer, advisory committee member, or an attendee at our events in St. John's or rural communities? We'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch to connect with us.



Our Vision

Our vision is to connect culturally diverse school youth, foster belonging and acceptance among all school children, be relevant within the schools and province, and contribute towards an inclusive and cohesive society.

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Since 1999, Sharing Our Cultures has provided opportunities for intercultural experiential learning to school children and youth.  

School youth from Indigenous communities, such as Conne River, Makkovik, Natuashish, Nunatsiavut, and Sheshatshiu have travelled to St. John’s to share their diverse cultures.

In 2018, the Sharing Our Cultures event was livestreamed to 45 schools throughout the province.

In 2017, Sharing Our Cultures brought school youth from Kugluktuk, Nunavut, to share their Copper Inuit culture at the three-day event in St. John’s. Newcomer school youth, representing seven countries, travelled to Kugluktuk to share their diverse cultures and experience the Copper Inuit culture. On route to Kugluktuk both groups stayed in Ottawa and witnessed a session in Parliament. This exchange was designed to foster intercultural learning and friendships between Indigenous and newcomer school youth.


Since 2010, Cultural Con‘txt’, a publication of stories, poems, and drawings by culturally diverse students has been distributed twice a year to Grade six students in the province. These submissions by Grade six students encourage discussions in the classrooms and homes about the value of cultural diversity in Canada.

In 2005, SOC launched a rural component by taking school youth from St. John’s to share their cultures with rural schools. The youth interacted with local families, toured communities, and learned about rural cultures. Communities visited were Bay Roberts, Clarenville, Clarke’s Beach, Bonavista, Marystown, Old Perlican, Port Rexton, Random Island, and Swift Current.


Our Programs

Our programs connect culturally diverse school youth and foster acceptance and belonging.


1. Our programs support the delivery of several provincial curriculum outcomes, including Social Studies, Language Arts, French, and Religion.


2. Are you a high school student? Would you like to share your culture with the public and Grade six students at The Rooms?

3. Are you a Grade six student? You can send your story, poem, or drawing about your culture to Cultural Con‘txt’.


4. They offer experiential intercultural learning.


Download the 2018 Program:


Canada 150 Videos


View the Student Videos

Explore all of the fantastic videos made by students.

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Be A Volunteer

Everyone has a culture, what’s yours? Volunteer to share your culture with the public and Grade six students.


Be a volunteer “tour guide.” We need English-speaking and French-speaking high school students to volunteer as “tour guides” to Grade six students when they visit The Rooms during the Sharing Our Cultures school events.

All high school participants (cultural presenters and “tour guides”) gain volunteer experience and volunteer hours.

All adult volunteers are required to undergo screening, training, and appropriate police checks.


Apply to be our Project Coordinator

Part-time Position (October 15, 2019-March 27, 2020)