Where in the world are you now?

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2002 was my first year participating with Sharing Our Cultures. I had moved to Canada the previous year, and was in grade 9. I was a participant for the next 3 years of high school.

Sharing Our Cultures gave me the opportunity to share my culture and background with my Canadian and fellow international friends who had immigrated to Canada. The yearly events allowed me to cultivate friendships that are ongoing, 12 years later.

After high school, I attended Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador and completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. During this time, I was a regular volunteer with SOC, and assisted students with research and creating their presentation boards.
In 2010, I was hired as the Assistant Project Coordinator for Sharing Our Cultures. This experience reminded me of the positive influence the organization can have on young participants, and their fellow attendees.

I am currently employed at Suzy Shier, as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Operations and Sales, while pursuing a career in Wardrobe Styling. I am constantly using the interpersonal and communication skills that I believe were formed from my great experiences with Sharing Our Cultures!
-Georginne Worley


Levin Mejia

El Salvador

Sharing Our Cultures made me feel like I was part of the international community, that I really belonged somewhere. We came from different cultures, but we had a similar story to share - we had all come to Canada and were going through a similar experience. I had the chance to participate in sharing not just my own culture, but other cultures as well. Where else would a Latvian get to wear a Sari and perform a traditional Indian dance? It was a great event and will always be part of my best memories in Canada. Thank you Sharing Our Cultures! Liva (participated in 2003-2004)
— Liva Graudina Participated in 2004 Represented Latvia